Is the time right to trade Carlos Gomez?

Posted on November 20th, 2008 – 8:29 AM
By Howard

In a post last week, I made reference to the fact that Carlos Gomez is represented by Scott Boras, a name that chills front-office staffs throughout baseball. That note caused the commenter Jim Crikket to write: “I had forgotten that Gomez’s agent is Boras. That, in itself, moves him to the top of the list of Twins OFs that I’d trade if the decision is made to thin the OF herd. He’s a potential Gold Glove CF, but he’s clearly got problems with the bat and when you add the fact that, as a Boras client, there’s no way he remains a Twin beyond his arbitration years, yeah… he’s #1 on the ‘expendable OF’ list in my book… especially since it appears Span can handle the CF job just fine.”

So here are my questions:

*Does a team with the ongoing needs of the Twins, especially when it comes to power, need two players who essentially do the same thing — play a solid center field, run very well, hit a few homers and have the potential (one shown in 2008, one still developing) to bat leadoff for years to come?

*Would you be looking to trade one of them sooner rather than later? If so, which one would you deal? Or would you rather have Gomez in center and Span in right for the next several years?

*Do you buy the notion, advanced by Gomez and sometimes talked about on Twins broadcasts, that he will eventually be a middle-of-the-order hitter who will combine power and speed?

*How much should Gomez’ popularity figure into the discussion?

*What does it say if a team jettisons a player because it is wary of dealing with his agent?

When front office staffs hold their post-season meetings, they are typically not only planning for the following season, but for years down the road. The best thing for 2009 isn’t always what’s best for the 2010s, and one of management’s jobs is to balance present and future needs — and try to figure out ways to meet both at the same time.

You can bet that Delmon wasn’t acquired from Tampa Bay to become possible trade material a year later. But things change and now that issue has been under discussion. Span’s progress, which was surprising to most of us, is probably sparking some conversations the Twins wouldn’t want to make public.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it.

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