A step back, a different question

Posted on June 2nd, 2009 – 9:06 AM
By Howard

Yesterday’s question about what the Twins should do generated more than 380 comments and there’s some interesting stuff if you have the time to go through it.

Let’s change the subject today.

I was listing to XM on the way home from work yesterday when Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus talked about how he developed his love and interest in the game. It was during the early 1980s and cable TV brought him the Cubs, Braves and Mets. This was before ESPN and the web and when USA Today published comprehensive baseball statistics once a week and fantasy baseball junkies used those numbers to calculate their league standings by hand and calculator.

That got me thinking.

From what I can tell, Section 220 brings together people of different ages and backgrounds, and I’m hoping some of you will share how you got interested and developed your passion for the Twins and for baseball. I grew up in Chicago and always had baseball around because WGN showed whichever team, the Cubs or White Sox, was playing at home. A road game on TV was a special event. The first game I saw in person was between the Angels and White Sox on a Saturday afternoon in July 1965.

For some reason, I’ve always remembered that Rudy May was the starting pitcher for the Angels, but needed to check baseball-reference.com to know that the near-Hall of Famer Tommy John started for the White Sox. Maybe it was because May walked three batters and was pulled before he could pitch to a fourth. I also remember some disappointment that the White Sox didn’t hit a home run, depriving me a chance to see the “exploding scoreboard” shoot fireworks in person.

I’m guessing that makes me older than some of you.

I’m also guessing some of you found the love in Minnesota during 1987 or 1991, or by going to games during the lean years when the Metrodome attracted crowds of below 10,000. Are you a reformed fan of another team? I went to the Met during college days when the Twins played the White Sox and rooted for the visitors from the bleachers.We used to cheerfully taunt Larry Hisle for no other reason than he was the Twins left fielder, and he would now and again give us a good-natured smile in return — the biggest one coming when we greeted him from the bleachers at Comiskey Park during a trip to Chicago.

Want to share your story? We’ll get back to the other stuff tomorrow.

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