As Gardy and the others said…

Posted on July 23rd, 2009 – 9:19 AM
By Howard

Went into a meeting yesterday and the score was 1-0. Came out and it was 12-1.

Got into the xB for the drive home right after the game ended. Heard that in both of Glen Perkin’s one-inning knockouts this year, the temperature was in the 50s. No wonder some people complain about the overuse of statistics.

Flipped on the kitchen radio in time to hear Gardy say, “We got our a$$e$ kicked.” As Beavis would say if he’d been sitting on the sofa, “Heh, heh. Gardy said a$$ on the radio.”

That pretty much tells you everything you need to know, except for what other people are saying:

LaVelle wrote this after the game:  “The middle infield needs to be addressed. I heard that Oakland’s Orlando Cabrera can be had. What about Cristian Guzman? And while some might think that $9 million is too much to pay Freddy Sanchez in 2010, it’s for one year. Thanks to Target Field, you’re about to get PED injections — Payroll Enhancing Dividends. The Twins can handle the salary. And late-inning relief hasn’t been addressed since May of last year. Trades aren’t easy, but this team needs a jolt.”

From Nick’s Twins Blog: “Fresh off an absolutely embarrassing series in Oakland, the Twins could find themselves in a very precarious position if Crede’s (shoulder) injury turns out to be serious. This team already has enough gaping holes, and adding one more could very well end their chances of contending in this division. The pressure is mounting on the general manager and the front office to right the ship and keep this team from unraveling completely. Let’s hope they’re up to the challenge.”

At the blog 162 Reasons, Alex writes about the ninth inning, which probably makes her the only one who stuck around for it: “In the ninth, manager Bob Geren wants to try out rookie reliever Edgar Gonzalez. It’s very hard for a game like this to have an interesting ninth inning. In fact, one has to assume that players and staff are restless to get on with their getaway. But Gonzalez wants to keep us engaged. He gets Michael Cuddyer out leading off, then walks Brendan Harris. Then he walks Brian Buscher. And then, just because there are three bases, he walks Nick Punto. This is not the time to be experimenting with pitches. The tried and true strike is all you need to throw with a 15-run lead. Yet somehow Gonzalez is losing the knack for it. Now, if this were the fourth inning we’d have time for the comeback that comes back from Monday’s blown lead. But it’s the ninth, with one out. Alexi Casilla has a chance to get an RBI or two, but not much chance to launch us off on a brand new winning streak. The game ends in a swift double play.

Babes Love Baseball pointed out that some things are worse than getting beat 16-1. In this case, it’s life with the Matinglys: “The son of former New York Yankees great Don Mattingly has been arrested on charges of shoving his mother, Kim Mattingly. No, wait. It gets better: he also spit in her face. Taylor Mattingly, 24, is now facing charges consisting of battery, battery by bodily waste (ew) and criminal mischief. He was let out of the slammer late Tuesday on $250 bond, which is not nearly enough money, in my opinion.”

Aaron Gleeman offers this: “Not that anyone with the Twins would care given that they haven’t even bothered to promote him to Triple-A at the age of 25, but Anthony Slama has a 2.98 ERA, 20 saves, and 77 strikeouts in 54 innings at Double-A. His control isn’t great, but opponents are hitting .218 against Slama while striking out 35 percent of the time, and he now has a 1.83 ERA with 236 strikeouts compared to just 102 hits allowed in 157 career innings. What possible reason could there be not to at least promote him to Rochester?” (I would include the link, but his post also has video of Ron Coomer getting a massage during last weekend’s Wisconsin Dells infomercial … and I’m not going there.)

Dan Wade writes at Bleacher Report:  “Rehashing the ins-and-outs of an obliteration like the one on Wednesday isn’t useful. The pitching was an abomination, the bats went silent, and the Twins head to Anaheim with their tails firmly between their legs. To call this series frustrating would be an understatement. Losing is always unpleasant, blowing big leads is even more so, and getting blown out is worse than the others combined.”

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