Homework? Here are even more websites to help kids

Posted on September 1st, 2008 – 10:30 PM
By Randy A. Salas

Today’s the first day of school, which means that the first night of homework isn’t far away. In today’s Technobabble column, I recommended several websites and other online tools to help students keep up with schoolwork. They include the newly revamped AskKids, the free motherlode of study guides at CliffsNotes and SparkNotes, tips on how to use Wikipedia even when teachers won’t allow it, free electronic student planners and free online research tools. Read the column to find out more.

tn96.jpgOriginally, I was going to collaborate with Yahoo! Web Life editor Heather Cabot (pictured) on my list, but travel plans kept her from being able to meet my publication deadline. So I asked her to send me her list to share with you here today.

“There are a lot of innovative and easy to use resources online,” she says. “With a few clicks, students can tap into all kinds of reference tools and even virtual tutors for everything from geography to grammar to geometry.”

Here are Heather’s Top Homework Helper Sites:

That last one is no surprise, of course. Interestingly, in its press material, AskKids shows in a comparison how its search engine produces better results than Yahoo! Kids and Google, but I’ll let you and your kids decide which works best.

Thanks, Heather!

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