Minneapolis woman says shady tree cutters are already roaming through the tornado zone

Posted on August 20th, 2009 – 11:35 AM
By James Shiffer

From a woman who asked to be identified only as Carolyn:

We live at 46th and Portland and had a very large boulevard tree blow down onto our’s and the neighbor’s yards, thankfully not hitting the houses. My hubby was outside, this guy comes up and says that because it’s a boulevard tree, the city would clean up the portion on the boulevard and sidewalk, but not the majority of it in our yards, and he was offering to clean it up for a price. I called the city and they said that no, if it’s a boulevard tree the city handles the whole thing. Have to know what’s up, that’s for sure! Both scam artists and legitimate businesses were out in force within minutes of the storm.

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