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Whistleblower on the air, WCCO radio AM 830, 1:40 p.m. today

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Tune in to WCCO radio this afternoon (830 AM or live streaming) starting at 1:40 p.m. Friday, when Whistleblower attempts to talk coherently with Midday Live host Esme Murphy about the Eileen and Scott Nelson story.

Parting Election Day words from satisfied voters

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Thank you so much for helping Whistleblower patch together this crazy quilt of voter experiences this Election Day. Despite the litany of malfunctions, frustrations and confrontations, things actually went pretty well for most voters, it appears. I’m sure I’ll hear more about what went wrong in the days ahead.

I’ll leave you with these accounts from voters who wanted to channel happiness:

No problem here…just a very long line. It is exciting to see many people take advantage of their right to vote! (Jeff Marchand, New Brighton).

Finally, before I took my ballot over to slip it into the machine, I took a last look at my choices. It’s not often that you know that your vote will make history. It was something to savor. (Joanne Meehl, Maple Grove).

I was greeted with friendly smiling faces of poll workers ready to have me sign in and cast my vote. There were no lines and I was in and out all toll about 10 – 15 minutes. I spent the most time voting on the second page of the ballot with over 30 Judges running and most were unopposed. It was a wonderful experience to again participate in our blessed freedom to cast my vote. We are so lucky to enjoy this freedom in America. (Michael Cunniff, Edina).

RNC updates: Lawsuit bonanza begins, Permibus back on the road

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

It’s likely one of many to come: a lawsuit is in the works by homeowner Mike Whalen against the St. Paul police. It’s the outcome of a raid preceding the Republican National Convention on Whalen’s house, in which Whalen and members of a media collective that documents police conduct were detained at gunpoint and later released without charges. My previous blog posts about it are here and here. My colleague Nick Coleman wrote about it here and here. St. Paul has a $10 million insurance policy in place for the inevitable litigation.

And for some really old news, it turns out the Permibus, the former school bus turned sustainability road show and motor home, was freed from RNC-related captivity on Sept. 4, the day after I blogged about its fate. Minneapolis police seized it for safety violations, but it was initially pulled over because the authorities thought it might be a transport for protestors bent on illegal disruptions of the convention. On Wednesday, I reached Stan Wilson by phone in Maine, the Permibus’s latest stop on its nationwide tour.


Pre-RNC raid finally gets an explanation

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

iglehart1.jpgMy colleague Pat Pheifer reported the contents of long-awaited search warrants that enabled St. Paul police to raid the Iglehart Avenue home of Mike Whalen before the Republican National Convention. This was the raid I blogged about earlier this month, and photographed above by my colleague David Joles. Police handcuffed members of a New York media collective that monitors police conduct during protests, who were staying at the Whalen’s residence at 949-951 Iglehart. Nothing was seized, and no one was charged.

The path that led to the raid wound through a south Minneapolis bookstore, summoned the ghosts of 1970s radical movements and culminated with the delivery of suspicious packages to Whalen’s home on the Saturday before the RNC, according to the search warrants. Search warrants are supposed to be filed within 10 days after they’re executed, but nothing arrived at the Ramsey County courthouse well beyond it. At first, it looked as if they had been sealed by a judge, but as Pheifer reported, they ended up at the Ramsey County attorney somehow.