Manny Fernandez traded to Boston

Posted on June 30th, 2007 – 7:14 PM
By Michael Russo

According to an NHL source, the Wild has agreed to trade goaltender Manny Fernandez for a draft pick and prospect Petr Kalus, a 6-foot-1 power forward.

Official word from the Wild is that no trade has been made, but the NHL source says the trade will be announced Sunday around 9:30 a.m. /p>

The trade can’t be announced before midnight because the Bruins’ cap number is at $41 million. Manny’s cap number is $4.33 million. That would push the Bruins over the $44 million cap. Remember, the cap doesn’t increase to $50.3 million until after midnight.

As I was saying on the blog post directly below, trading Manny gives the Wild much-needed breathing room. Its cap figure will now be around $42 million, which should give the team the ability to sign a few guys. They won’t be any of the star guys, but this should allow the team to add some quality.

I think if this team wants grit, scoring, speed and competitiveness, it should go out and get Jason Blake. But if his price is at $4 million-plus, that could be too expensive…He’ll want a very long-term deal, too, which could put the wild out of the market.

Kalus is supposedly a stud, although an inconsistent one that moped a lot in Providence this season. However, the kid scored on his first three NHL shots. The two scouts I talked to tonight from other teams really like him and think he can be a player.

Manny was in good spirits. He had gotten no official word from either team. I’m working on a friend’s laptop, so I can’t transport the quotes without messing up the fonts on this blog. But the final story of the night — not the one I threw together in 45 minutes — should be online in a few hours for all you to read.

I am flying back to Minny tomorrow and will write much more on the trade tomorrow and the world of free agency…

Nighty night.

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