Q&A Blog Bag for Sunday, Oct. 21, column

Posted on October 12th, 2007 – 6:36 AM
By Michael Russo

I figured while I’m on my way to Phoenix this morning writing at 35,000 feet, I’d put you all to work, too.

As I mentioned the other day, for next Sunday’s (Oct. 21) column in the newspaper, I want to do a blog bag, aka mail bag.

So in the comment area of this entry over the next three, four days, ask any original Wild/NHL questions you want answered.

Understand that because space is tight in the newspaper, I will only be able to answer a select few in the actual paper.

But next Sunday or Monday, I’ll probably answer some others on the blog, so if you don’t see yours answered in Sunday’s paper, there’s still a chance it’ll be done on the blog (especially if your question requires a long answer).

Important set of Russo’s Rants Rules for the Q&A:

1. Be brief, be snappy, be original. Because space is tight, don’t make your questions too wordy and understand I may need to edit your questions to make them shorter if they appear in the paper.

2. Ask questions that aren’t too time sensitive. Because the column will be running next Sunday and you’ll be asking questions this weekend, realize that a lot can change between this weekend and next weekend.

3. And this IS IMPORTANT: Only ask questions in this particular comment section. Please don’t use this blog entry as an area to debate and talk back and forth. Use the previous blog entry for that and subsequent ones. I did some Q&A’s last year and it was difficult weeding through the comments to find the questions.

Deadline: You have until Monday, Oct. 15, to add questions to this link.

I will give a practice update later. The Wild doesn’t practice until 4:30 p.m. CT today in Phoenix, so the update will likely be tonight. In the meantime, again, only use this entry for questions and the previous one for comments back and forth.

Thanks, and have fun. 

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