Wednesday’s late blog: I can see (well, almost)

Posted on November 7th, 2007 – 5:34 PM
By Michael Russo

I just logged in to read Kent’s blog update, and well, here’s mine (hah).

I know you’ve been nervous all day regarding my Lasik appointment. Good news, I’ve been approved for surgery in a couple weeks. So finally, you’ll get to read game stories from a reporter who’s actually seen the game, which should be helpful.

Anything else? I probably should offer up a Marian Gaborik and Pavol Demitra update. I know after my Lasik update, this was second on your curiosity list.

Both continue to be day-to-day, and Gaborik is going to test his groin on the ice tomorrow, according to the article Kent wrote for tomorrow.

Also, Wes Walz still has not contacted the team, according to Kent’s story. So we continue to wait. What’s bizarre, even if he chooses to return, he hasn’t practiced since last Wednesday. He’ll need a mini-training camp just to get back into game shape.

This is just the weirdest situation, and you have to hope he’s sincerely OK like the team believes.

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