Tuesday update

Posted on November 13th, 2007 – 1:59 PM
By Michael Russo

I’m not positive if today’s Tuesday, but I think it is.

It’s confusing being on the road. I woke up last night and couldn’t figure out what hotel or what city I was in. I’ve already tried to get into the wrong hotel room twice, and I forgot to mention this yesterday, I’m thinking of getting an apartment in Calgary.

After all, I’m here so much, my conversation with the customs agent yesterday literally picked up right where it left off a few weeks ago. Normally, customs agents begin a conversation with, “What type of business brings you here.” This nice woman began the conversation, “Boy, the Wild have really hit the skids.” A few weeks ago she told me about her son’s peewee tournament coming up. Now, I know the outcome.

She’s rooting for the Wild. She hates the Flames. She’s a Leafs fan, poor thing. One day they’ll win again. We’ll all be long gone, but I predict they’ll win again one day.

Anybody notice Stars GM Doug Armstrong was fired?

Anyway from the Pengrowth Saddledome — my favorite Western Conference rink, not the Wild’s, but mine (Nassau Coliseum and Madison Square Garden are my faves in the East, this is a lot of info for between brackets) — Marian Gaborik and Stephane Veilleux are a no-go.

Veilleux wanted to play. He skated in a full Itech college-type mask, but coach Jacques Lemaire said the Wild will wait for Edmonton. The Wild is shipping in that bird cage because he feels more comfortable in that, but he wanted to play tonight. He was disappointed when the two beat writers told him Jacques said he wasn’t playing.

Gaborik says he’s up to 92.3 or 92.4 percent. Just kidding.

But he said it’s progressing. I said to Jacques, “Gabby said you made the decision in Denver the other night for him not to play.” Jacques laughed so hard, he nearly coughed out one of his cigar-filled lungs.

Jacques would like him to play. Gaborik says he’s shooting for Edmonton.

Anything else? Nah, I have to save some stuff for the actual paper.

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