Q&A, Volume 2

Posted on December 10th, 2007 – 4:12 PM
By Michael Russo

Good afternoon back there in the Twin Cities…

Cold front moving through San Jose. It’s down to 60 degrees. I’d put on my coat if, and you’ll find this amusing, I didn’t leave my sports coat in a rental car this morning.

Get this: I get into a rental and the battery’s dead. So I get in another, grab all my luggage, but not my coat, which I had just put in the back seat. 

And of course the car rental agency ain’t picking up the phone, meaning this’ll be a couple hundred dollar mistake.

But after a couple things that have put life in perspective in the last couple days, I’m doing my best not to sweat the small stuff.

Now, to the reason I’m on here right now. The well’s dry right now, so I figured I’d call upon you. How about another Q&A?

I will answer a select few questions during either this Sunday’s column or next Sunday’s, and some of the others here on the blog at some point.

Please post only questions on this link. If you want to continue comments and discussions and stuff like that, use the previous blog posting or subsequent ones.
Understand I’m not going to be able to answer every question and try to make your questions time sensitive since the answers won’t appear until one of the next two Sundays.

Also, understand, I may need to edit your questions for space constraints.

Practice is in an hour. I’ll be back later to update.

The team better be on time. I’m going down to Berkeley tonight.

Here’s another article in the Boston Globe with mention of Detroit chauffeur Albert Howard, who between running for President, took me to and from the airport the other day.

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