Wild and Gaborik’s agent to meet again; By the way, is it Gaby or Gabby?

Posted on September 19th, 2008 – 1:38 PM
By Michael Russo


I am sleepy. I think I’m just not used to working. I can’t wait: 7-9 months till vacation :)

While I was doing that Jacques interview the other day, he was talking about how he knows it’s close to hockey season when he begins to dream about hockey.

I’m the same way. I fell asleep on the flight here and had a nightmare that I missed deadline.

OK, so, I chatted with Ron Salcer as he arrived from LAX into Minny this afternoon and I was leaving. Salcer is flying to Grand Forks tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon to meet with his client, Marian Gaborik, and then plans to meet with assistant GM Tom Lynn later this weekend or early next week.

It will be the second time Lynn and Salcer meet face-to-face during these Gaborik extension talks. Lynn flew last week to meet with Salcer in Manhattan Beach, Calif.

I’d say Salcer got the short end of this stick.

The Wild’s training camp roster is already down to 53. Ryan Graham, who had two goals and three fights in Traverse City, opted to forgo the rest of his tryout and return to Acadia University.

GM Doug Risebrough said the Wild plans to trim its roster dramatically by the time it returns to the Twin Cities. Because there are so many new players that need to mesh, Risebrough plans to only bring back the Wild players who will be on the team, are battling for a roster spot or have a chance to be on the team at some point this season.

Also, how much confusion will there be if I change Gabby to Gaby? Gaborik texted me and emailed me last week, and both times signed it, “Gaby.” Obviously he knows how he wants his nickname to be spelled. Should I just correct the way I’ve been spelling it for three seasons?

Talk to you tomorrow. If wireless is solid at the Ralph, which I bet it will be, I’ll live blog during the scrimmage in all likelihood.

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