Gaborik victim of “character assassination”

Posted on October 22nd, 2008 – 6:32 PM
By Michael Russo

Just got off a couple phone calls with agent Ron Salcer. He read a statement denying some of the outrageous offers that Marian Gaborik’s allegedly rejected that’s been reported by some media outlets.

Gaborik’s been getting hammered publicly based on misinformation being reported by the media, Salcer said. 

Here’s Salcer’s prepared statement:

“Unfortunately, Marian has been absorbing a character assassination on the premise of misinformation that has circulated like gospel.

“Lets be clear, no matter what Marian eventually signs for, it’s all a lot of money. Special athletes make lots of money. The important part of this process is recognizing the various dynamics of sensitive negotiations for both the player and team that transpire. Making some effort to maintain integrity for the principles involved should be considered.

“Based on what’s voluminous speculation and propaganda, people are inappropriately judging Marian. It should be based on the facts. The facts are this is his eighth year in Minnesota and the loyalty he has shown fans, the city, his teammates and the organization should not be disregarded or overlooked.

“The offers that have been thrown at the wall of 10 years, $85 million, $90 million and $100 million are wrong, as are what I now hear — seven years, $70 million and eight years, $80 million. They’re also wrong.

“When and if they do get offered, something certainly may happen.”

It should be noted I’ve consistently reported since July that the Wild planned to offer Gaborik seven-to-10-year deals betwen $8 million and $8.5 million, something Salcer hasn’t denied.

He’s specifically mad with the fact that a certain newspaper keeps upping the rejected offers every week (yesterday at seven years, $70 million and eight years, $80 million), yet the two parties haven’t even spoken in two weeks, so how do the rejections keep going up?

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