Parrish signs with Dallas; Kolanos recalled; Nolan on injured reserve; Gaborik out for road trip; Burns doesn’t practice (updated)

Posted on November 3rd, 2008 – 1:51 PM
By Michael Russo

5:30 PT update: According to sources, veteran RW Mark Parrish has ended his AHL contract with Bridgeport and has been signed by co-Dallas GM Brett Hull to an NHL deal with the Stars. It’s a two-way deal. One year, prorated $500,000 in the NHL. In the minors, $100,000.

Back from practice, where the visitors’ locker room at the Shark Tank had a transformation. New carpeting and stalls. It was quite a hit for the players and a certain beat writer.

Yes, slow news day.

Center Krys Kolanos, absolutely on fire in Houston with seven goals in seven games, was recalled. Of course, his equipment and sticks didn’t show up from Houston, so he couldn’t practice. And he said he got to the Houston airport with plenty of time to spare.

Last month when Cal Clutterbuck was called up to Florida, his sticks and equipment didn’t make it either, which is not a good advertisement for an airline that’s hubbed in Houston.


Brent Burns didn’t practice but is a possibility for tomorrow if he’s feeling better. Jacques Lemaire said Burns doesn’t need practice like most players to be on top of his game. But the Wild won’t risk Burns. He’ll only play if he says he’s feeling completely better. Burns played all 82 games last year by the way.

Burns received treatment during practice. I don’t know what his injury is, but his “upper body” is still sore, the Wild says, which usually signals back. And after seeing Burns walk out of the rink today, his gait clearly ain’t right. So unless Burns’ “upper body” injury is really a “lower body” injury, I believe his injury is to the “middle body.”

But I’m no doctor, although I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night. (No I didn’t).

The Wild placed veteran Owen Nolan on injured reserve, which opened up a roster spot for Kolanos, because it looks like Nolan is going to be out longer than the team thought — at least more than a week.

As for Marian Gaborik, he won’t be back for at least the rest of the road trip, Tom Lynn said. That means he’ll at least miss 11 consecutive games with his most recent “lower body” injury, one that didn’t even occur in a game.

If you didn’t see, the NHL accounced record October attendance, although so far the Wild’s road games in Atlanta, Florida, Tampa, Dallas and Phoenix had more empty seats than occupied ones.

Pretty sure you can credit Chicago, which has seen a 71 percent increase over last October, and Washington, which has seen a 24 percent increase, for the record NHL attendance.

Also, I hope you got a chance to read my Sunday column  and today’s article on the NHLPA considering reopening the collective bargaining agreement. I find these to be fascinating topics, especially in today’s economic climate.

I did want to say this: I saw one of the commenters below the article on the Wild page said “Who do they think they are?” It basically was asking why is relocation any of the players’ business, which I understand being a curiosity for hockey fans.

But I would contend this is completely the players’ business. The NHL players can earn up to 57 percent of the NHL’s hockey-related revenue, which was $2.6 billion last season.

If the NHL and the players are going to be true partners, the players have the right to make sure the league is maximizing its revenues. And if the league continues to have teams in struggling markets that would make a heckuva lot more money in healthier markets, that absolutely is the players’ business.

OK, just had to get that off my chest.

Done for now. Talk to you tomorrow. Remember, vote!

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