Burrows on Bouchard: “I don’t like him”; Tucker not suspended; Special night for Gillies?; Parrish on hat trick; “Demo” speaks

Posted on November 8th, 2008 – 4:39 PM
By Michael Russo

Wild at Vancouver:

Colton Gillies in. Krys Kolanos and Tomas Mojzis scratched.  

I am famous. I made Adrian Dater’s blog on the Denver Post today. I might commission a few of you stronger fellows in Russoville to offer me protection the next time the Wild plays Colorado. Funny thing is I thought I was stronger on Tucker in my blog after the game the other night. Not to disagree with my friend, Adrian, but the big difference between Veilleux and Tucker is Veilleux was apologetic, said he’s not that type of player and has no history of such actions. Now Tucker on the other hand …

1. There was typical Vancouver-Minnesota angst down at the GM Place this morning. It’s always something when these two rivals meet. And this morning’s controversy didn’t even have Mikko Koivu and Mattias Ohlund involved.

Alex Burrows was asked about his running feud with little Pierre-Marc Bouchard, and he stayed consistent with what he said on Hockey Night in Canada’s After Hours two weeks ago. He hates the Wild’s Bouchard more than any opponent.

Burrows, one of the chief agitators in the NHL, said he plans to be in Bouchard’s face like always tonight and talk some smack. He said their feud goes back to the Quebec League, but Bouchard says he doesn’t even remember playing against Burrows back in junior.

Burrows said when the two skate together in the summers, he refuses to even pass Bouchard the puck. He said if the two were the only ones in a hallway together, he wouldn’t even acknowledge Bouchard.

Bouchard wanted no part of this stuff this morning. He tried to take the high road, but said Burrows is a cheap-shot artist and loves to talk a big game. We’ll see if they have any run-ins tonight. Remember, last season Bouchard actually fought Burrows (which I predicted months earlier, by the way) after Burrows speared him in the gut.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Wild can remain composed with Burrows tonight because his comments made their way around the Wild locker room, and Wild players weren’t happy. Stephane Veilleux said Bouchard is one of the most likeable players in the league and Burrows might be the only guy in history who doesn’t like Bouchard.

But I’ll tell you what, a lot of players dislike Burrows. Remember he’s the guy that slashed Brian Rolston during Burrows’ rookie year when Rolston was bleeding from the ear. Rolston went off after the game, saying, something like, what’s the guy been in the league five minutes?

2. Darcy Tucker was not punished for clipping Nick Schultz the other night. Clipping. Need I remind you the penalty was actually invented for Tucker after he low-bridged Mike Peca during the 2002 playoffs and tore the guy’s ACL and MCL.

Wild players were furious Tucker wasn’t punished. Derek Boogaard said that Tucker threatened to take out Schultz’s knees three times at the end of the second period with two linesmen and one referee right there. And then he actually attempts it, and the refs give him two for clipping instead of what it actually was — an intent to injure, which should have been a match penalty and suspension. That’s a ref clearly with no awareness of what’s going on in the game.

And then the league lets Tucker get away with it.

3. Colton Gillies is from the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, and he purchased 21 tickets for tonight. “Pretty penny,” he said.

However, Gillies doesn’t know yet if he’s playing. He was scratched in Colorado. Ironically, remember at the beginning of the road trip I did a big story on the friendship between Gillies and Phoenix rookie Kyle Turris? The Coyotes were here the other night and Wayne Gretzky scratched Turris, and he had 100-plus people in the stands.

Gillies is praying he’ll get to play. Jacques Lemaire did say he probably would make one lineup change tonight, and one has to think if that’s true, it’ll be Gillies and not Tomas Mojzis playing for Craig Weller or even Krys Kolanos, who was behind the play a lot in Colorado the other night.

Another outside possibility, although I doubt it, but maybe Mojzis plays for Marc-Andre Bergeron, who only played 6 1/2 minutes the other night and has been unable to move two players in the crease in the last two games, both of which have scored — Tucker and Mike Grier. But again, I tend to doubt that.

4. I spoke to Mark Parrish today about his hat trick last night in his Dallas debut. He was really excited and had a few interesting things to say, which I’ll squeeze into tomorrow’s paper. He gets right back at it tonight as the Stars are in San Jose. His ex-teammates were all excited for the popular Parrish. Many Wild players this morning were saying, “See what Parrish did last night?”

5. Talked with Pavol Demitra this morning. He’s close to returning from a rib injury but won’t play tonight. He was disappointed. He was very friendly and said Jacques Lemaire treated him incredibly. He said his biggest frustration in Minnesota was not playing center, but being switched from line to line.  He was also good talking about Marian Gaborik’s situation and said the Wild should just sign him.

I’ll squeeze some Demitra stuff in tomorrow’s paper, but I may need to hold some stuff for Monday as it’s doubtful the Wild practices Sunday because it doesn’t even leave Vancouver until the morning.

Ok, that’s it from here. Must write. Tonight’s the Wild’s first Hockey Night in Canada game of the new season. Talk to you later.

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