Thursday update

Posted on April 2nd, 2009 – 1:18 PM
By Michael Russo

Russo here, back on the clock, just living the dream.

Living … the … dream.

I have a buddy, who for years, anytime I ask him how he’s doing, he sarcastically says, “Living the dream.”

It cracks me up everytime. If you knew “DB Downer,” as I call him, you’d find the humor in it, too.

Not much to give you today. There were still remnants of packing popcorn all around the bowels of the arena this morning stemming from the April Fool’s joke from yesterday played on Eric Belanger. His car was filled to the brim. Have you ever handled packing popcorn? That stuff just doesn’t disappear thanks to static electicity.  

Knowing Belanger, something tells me he didn’t find the humor in the joke. He’s a bit of a sourpuss at times, which is why he was the one gotten.

Everybody that was expected to practice today did, meaning the Killer B’s — Burns, Bouchard and Boogaard — didn’t skate — as expected. By the way, I chased down Boogaard today just to say hello, and he turtled. :)

Anton Khudobin was recalled again on emergency conditions because of the tweak in Nik Backstrom’s lower body. But he flew in last night, and Backstrom and Josh Harding both practiced today, meaning everything seems OK with Backstrom.

However, I’d suspect Khudobin will stay here through the weekend now just in case Backstrom aggravates anything.

St. Louis’ T.J. Oshie was named NHL Rookie of the Month for March just a few seconds ago, so congrats to the Minnesotan.

The Wild’s idle tonight as Calgary comes to town tomorrow. The Wild will be looking for help from Detroit (which hosts St. Louis), San Jose (which visits Edmonton) and Vancouver (which hosts Anaheim).

That’s the position the Wild’s put itself in by being the classic win one/lose one franchise.

Hey, but good news, after tonight, the Wild’s got a game in hand on the Blues, Oilers and Ducks!!!

I’ll probably be back on later. Right now, I must write.

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