Blackhawks fire Tallon

Posted on July 14th, 2009 – 9:21 AM
By Michael Russo

Thought I’d give you a new blog entry to dive into. I’ll be back with a very unique, non-hockey blog in an hour or so.

The Chicago Blackhawks fired Dale Tallon yesterday, as originally reported by my pal, Josh Mora, on Comcast Chicago.

This was coming for a long time. The Blackhawks wanted to fire him after the season, but their playoff run made that trickier from a PR standpoint. I truly believe the latest offer sheet gaffe just gave the very political hierarchy that currently runs the Hawks an excuse to dismiss Tallon, one of the most popular men in the game among colleagues, agents and players.

I’ll talk more specifically about trades in a blog Wednesday before the NHL schedule is released, but the Blackhawks are in deep trouble when it comes to the salary cap. They’re almost $3 million over now and next year they’re at $42-plus million on a cap that will surely come down from $56.8 million. And, they have to sign Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and Duncan Keith next summer. What if Toews and Kane want Malkin-Crosby-like second contracts?

If they do, one (Kane) would likely have to be traded.

As for this year, you can be 10 percent over the cap until the season, but then you have to come down. That means they’ll likely have to trade an important player, and probably for prospects and picks. Sending a guy like Brent Sopel to the minors would help get them down, but you’d still have to pay him his $2 million tag.

Basically, the Hawks have mismanaged the cap to bigtime degrees.

Like I said, I’ll be back soon with a unique blog on a buddy of mine.  

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