With all due respect to the Wild, Havlat tweets

Posted on July 14th, 2009 – 5:02 PM
By Michael Russo

Regarding Darren Dreger’s story on tsn.ca this morning (link here), Blackhawks President John McDonough was on 640 The Score in Chicago this morning for just the most balanced interview ever: “I am a big fan of Marty Havlat. Unfortunately things didn’t work out here to extend him and I really wish him well in Minnesota except when he’s playing the Blackhawks. He’s a classy guy. Where that came from, I have no idea. I have never talked to Marty Havlat or his agent about a contract extension. I empower people to make those decisions, so for anybody to intimate or infer that I, a civilian, would be making decisions on Marian Hossa or Marty Havlat, it’s preposterous. … I don’t know what really Marty was told. I don’t know because I haven’t spoken to him. … Once the decision was made to go with Marian Hossa, it was a hockey operations decision. … He may be misinformed.”

Havlat was supposed to call me this morning, but Dale Tallon has begged him to stand down since the TSN story. So I don’t know if he’ll give me permission to write what he’s told me, but I can tell you his big beef has not yet been made public and it’s very interesting.

As for the Wild schedule, I’ll hit publish on this blog at 2 p.m. stat. I’ll also toss up another Wild-related blog tonight or tomorrow morning, and then adios amigos for a long time.

In the wake of Dale Tallon being fired by the Chicago Blackhawks, newly-signed Wild winger Martin Havlat sent out a string of tweets today from his Twitter account similar to what he alluded on the night of July 1 after signing with the Wild.

A lot of things happened in the end there in Chicago that Havlat would love to get off his chest. It has zero to do with Tallon, whom he and his agent adore. I talked to Havlat about this two weeks ago. Until I’m given permission by him to write it, I can’t. He’s sleeping on it and I expect to talk to him again Wednesday.

I’ve been in touch with Havlat and his agent today and they want to make it abundantly clear that what’s bothering him shouldn’t be construed as a slap in the face to Wild owner Craig Leipold, GM Chuck Fletcher, his new teammates and Wild fans. He wants to be in Minnesota and hopes what he’s been saying doesn’t appear as disloyalty to his new home. He says he’s excited to start anew and will devote himself entirely to the Wild. 

On a side note, and unrelated partially to Havlat, as I mentioned on the blog this morning, the QO fiasco just gave them an excuse to fire Tallon, and it’s hard to believe the GM of the team had any role in QO’s being sent out. That’s what you have assistant GM’s and hockey ops people for. Regardless, always loyal, Tallon took the blame.

But as I mentioned on the blog this morning, there’s a lot of political things going on upstairs in that organization, and that’s why Rick Dudley quit last month as assistant GM and why Tallon was fired yesterday.

Below are Havlat’s tweets from earlier Tuesday 

By telling truth, don’t want people to think I’m bitter. Everyone in Minn has been awesome, they believe in me and I won’t let them down
about 2 hours ago from web   

 Want to be clear. I loved my time in Chicago but moved on. Very excited about Minny,going to give everything I have to the Wild.
about 2 hours ago from web   

Just so everyone begins to understand, Dale was like a 2nd father to me about 2 hours ago from web   
 Lot’s of people are telling me to stay quiet but shouldn’t the fans know the truth? It’s your loyalty, season ticket money and emotions here
about 3 hours ago from web   

 I guess everyone saw what happened to Dale….yes, the story is starting to come out but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.
about 3 hours ago from web

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