What if chickens were wild birds?

Posted on September 2nd, 2009 – 4:06 PM
By Jim Williams

Yes, this is a barnyard chicken. It’s a bird, though, whether or not we think of it in the same terms as warblers and raptors. And it’s a beautiful bird. I’m partial to chickens. The chicken display at the state fair is a can’t-miss stop for me. Think of this bird as wild, uncommon in Minnesota, hard to find. Think of the pleasure of standing in a woods or prairie or wherever and hearing it crow for the first time. The guide book would suggest you be there at dawn. Think of your first look at this beauty: the shawl of feathers, the bright red comb and wattles. You’d be impressed and pleased, right? I would. I am.rooster-5-6505.jpg 

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