Under the Big Top: And the search goes on…looking west (again) to Portland?

Posted on May 7th, 2009 – 10:16 PM
By Jerry Zgoda

Just a day after I believed the Wolves had narrowed their search to former Indiana GM David Kahn,  Glen Taylor and Rob Moor apparently continue it anew with a candidate in town this week.

I heard it was a candidate from within the Northwest division, possibly Portland assistant GM Tom Penn, the Blazers’ salary-capologist.

The first guy I thought of was Rex Chapman in Denver, who was with the organization for a brief time about three years ago. But it’s probably not him because he was at Nuggets practice today and I’m guessing the guy was in town today.

Sorry, but I don’t think it’s Bill Simmons, either.

What seems certain is this will go into the weekend. I’m heading off tomorrow morning on a week’s vacation that I thought I was safe in planning more than three weeks after the season end. Now I’m thinking there’s an outside chance I may still get to cover the new GM/VP hire after I return May 15.

I heard this evening Taylor and Moor are cooling on one candidate the more they learn about him. Sure sounds to me like that could be Kahn, who without a doubt the owner and team CEO were very serious about.

Randy Pfund has remained quiet since he called me back Saturday and I haven’t heard that he’s out so I’d say he’s still a possibility.

Penn, like Kahn, seems mostly like a finance/salary-cap guy, which makes it look like Taylor is looking for a guy like that to complement Fred Hoiberg’s scouting eye. Unlike Kahn, he’s been in the league for the last nine years, including two with the up-and-coming Blazers.

He worked for Jerry West for five of his eight years in Memphis.

If he’s the hire, though, talk about culture shock, going from Blazers owner Paul Allen to Taylor.

Here’s a Q and A interview with him from last fall on cap and other matters.


Brian Stensaas will be monitoring the situation while I’m gone and will post on the blog as things develop. I might weigh in if I get chance as this progresses.

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