Penn’s agent explains

Posted on May 18th, 2009 – 5:27 PM
By Jerry Zgoda

Just got Tom Penn’s agent, Warren LeGarie, on the phone and here’s the essence of what he said:

He said the Wolves did offer the job and he said negotiations were progressing until the Trail Blazers made what he called a “full-court press” last night in an attempt to keep Penn, hired in 2007, in Portland with a promotion that will include a new title and a new, enhanced contract.

Asked if Glen Taylor’s wanting to keep Kevin McHale as coach was a determining factor, he said, “That was not an issue that had come up. It was never pushed down Tom’s throat. We had not gotten to that part in our discussions yet. We thought we were progressing but there were some issues going back and forth.”

He said  the decision inevitably was an emotional one for his client.

“Honestly, Tom decided his heart still was in Portland,” LeGarie said. “It was a comfort factor more than anything. Portland was his comfort zone.Tom has developed a unique relationship in Portland and it kept tugging at his heart strings. Ultimately, that resonated with him. They have a good team there that he helped create and they have some unfinished business there.”

Asked if he has any other clients now for the Wolves’ job, LeGarie, who specializes in coaches and front-office personnel representation, he said, “I always have clients. Whether they’re (the Timberwolves) are interested, I’m still waiting to hear back from them.”

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