Next week’s workouts and other stuff

Posted on June 11th, 2009 – 10:09 PM
By Jerry Zgoda

You’ve got the workout schedule for tomorrow and Saturday (that was me, btw, posting this afternoon by having someone in the office do it because I didn’t have Internet access; somehow it got posted as by Brian), but as for next week…

Sounds like the Wolves are trying to pull together a super-duper point guard workout for next Friday, planning to get Steph Curry, Jonny Flynn, Brandon Jennings and Jrue Holiday in one session together.

That’s what they have scheduled now, but you never know who’s going to drop out or have their agent change plans at the last minute.

If that pulls off, it’d sure be one interesting session to catch the last 4 1/2 minutes of!

Tyreke Evans and DeMar DeRozan also are due in next weekend — when the Wolves have workouts scheduled for Friday and Saturday — but each is expected to only do a solo workout for the Wolves staff.

Haven’t heard that they’re going to get James Harden in, and they might have to go to a guy like him, like they did last year with O.J. Mayo, if they think they have a shot to get him.

Probably the same for a guy like Thabeet, I’d think.

David Kahn was due back in town tonight after heading home to Portland for a couple days for his daughter’s graduation.

He has invited Twin Cities media members to breakfast either tomorrow morning or Monday — our choice — and then will go straight to the Friday morning draft prospect workout. Also sounds like he’s going to have a get-acquainted session scheduled with the team’s minority owners.

With all that and draft preparations about to steam ahead full speed, it’s not looking like there’s going to be announcement on Kevin McHale anytime soon. Early in the week, I thought it was might come any day.

An announcement, no. But the longer this goes on without any formal word, the more likely it becomes that a decision has already been made — or is being made — and McHale will be back as coach.

I now could even see Kahn waiting until after the draft before making it official.

After three in-depth meetings, I’d guess they’ve already talked the basics of a contract. I really doubt it’s going to be “Flip money,” which would be $4 million-plus a year.

My bet: Somewhere in the very respectable neighborhood of $3 million a year for at least two seasons with some protection for the team in the third year, whether that’s a team option for the third season or some partial guarantee that gives the team flexibility.

The biggest issue now probably is the coaching staff and who they’ll put beside McHale as his No. 1 assistant. The rub here is finding a guy with a lot of NBA experience — including some head-coaching experience — but who doesn’t aspire to have a head coaching job again.

The trick is getting him experienced strategic help without making it look like that guy is the next head coach in waiting if this experiment fails.

I remember when McHale took over the basketball operation all those years ago and they introduced Flip as his assistant GM.

I also remember how indignant Mac was that day when we asked if Flip’s presence meant that Bill Blair’s days as head coach were numbered.

Mac blustered about how we had the gall to ask such a question. Twenty games into the next season, Blair was out and Flip was in.

Same thing when Randy Wittman was brought back to assist Dwane Casey.

The Bulls managed to pull off that delicate trick last season, when they brought both Del Harris and Bernie Bickerstaff aboard to assist rookie coach Vinny Del Negro.

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