Kahn speaks on trade, other topics

Posted on June 24th, 2009 – 5:13 PM
By Jerry Zgoda

David Kahn came to an Target Center news conference this afternoon sleep deprived and dress casually in  sandals (no socks) and spoke about yesterday’s deal that sent Mike Miller and Randy Foye to Washington for the fifth pick tomorrow night and three players.

Some highlights:

* He said the team definitely WILL NOT trade 5 and 6 for 2. “I want to be really clear on this,” he said. “We will not do that under no circumstances.”

* He shook his head vigorously when asked about reports that he’s selling the 28th pick to the Knicks for $3 million and said it’s not happening. For now. He said it is one of many, many options and offers and indicated many teams have come calling offering the maximum $3 million for a pick.

“We’ve made absolutely no decision with any of these picks,” he said. “I know it might sound crazy, it’s early still. It really is.”

* He said he has had discussions with Memphis, owner of the second pick, over the last several days. Asked if the relationship between Glen Taylor and Memphis owner Michael Heisley, who called each other up this time last year and basically made the Kevin Love-O.J. Mayo deal together, might impact events tomorrow night, he said matter of factly, “I don’t know.”

*Asked if the fact that Foye will always be compared to Brandon Roy here entered into his decision to deal the player the Wolves traded Roy for on draft night 2006, he said, “That wasn’t it. I jst felt that he’ll be better at the next place. He went through (questions) what position he is, injuries. He needs to find his groove and I think he will. He averaged 16 points last year. So we’re not talking about smoebody who really struggled. But I think even Randy would say need to finds his groove. Maybe I’m wrong, my gut tells me it’s easier to find a groove in a new environment. ”

* On Etan Thomas, Daris Songalia and Oleksiy Pecherov, the three Wizards players acquired: “I do believe all three have an opportunity to help us next season and  perhaps beyond.”

Said Thomas give them a tough, physical center who has started games.

Described Songaila as “what’s known in the nomenclature as a spacing 4 — a power forward who steps out and shoots — which with our team and Al Jefferson is a very effective quality.”

Said he is “very intrigued by Pecherov. He was the 18th pick taken in the 2006 draft. He’s a 7-foot forward. He’s really not a center or low-post guy.” Said they will watch Pecherov with their summer league team and in traning camp and decided by the end of October deadline whether to offer pick up his contract option for 2010-2011.

* On all the options the Wolves have now that they own picks 5, 6, 18, 28, 45 and 47: “Right now, we have all this stuff on the table. And we need to figure out what would be the best combination of stuff to do. We may not even figure out some of this stuff until after the draft. I felt that it was important to do this trade first because I wanted it to kind of sit out there a bit so people absorbed it and maybe that will increase our options.”

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