Update from David Kahn

Posted on July 8th, 2009 – 6:02 PM
By Michael Rand

Hey all — I had a chance to speak with Wolves boss David Kahn earlier today for a Q&A to run at a later date. While there was nothing earth-shattering to come from it, there were a few newsy tidbits from the conversation that Jerry Zgoda hoped I could post. So, here goes:

*Kahn said he hasn’t had recent contact this week with Ricky Rubio’s agent, Dan Fegan, as Fegan has tended to matters for a couple other clients in the past couple days. Kahn said the two were in frequent contact last week and that he “has a firm understanding of where we were.” As for how long the Rubio situation will take to play out, Kahn said: “I don’t think it will last forever, but I don’t have a feel for a timetable,” though he added something could happen in the next couple of weeks.

*The free agent signing period started today, and Kahn said the Wolves will be a “late player” in that realm. What does that mean? “When the market starts to settle, and we see who’s still out there, there might be some opportunities to find players who pencil out as being effective and won’t cost us the ability to make a big move next summer.” Nothing surprising there, since 2010 is when the Wolves figure to make more noise with more cap space.

*Kahn was speaking by phone from an airport, and he indicated his travel was coaching search-related.

That’s about it, unless you are interested in Kahn’s response to a question about a cage-match-style fight for GM supremacy against new Wild boss Chuck Fletcher. For that, you’ll have to read the paper.

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