Kahn on today’s Ricky Rubio report from Spain: “No”

Posted on July 22nd, 2009 – 3:57 PM
By Jerry Zgoda

An Associated Press story out of Spain today says Ricky Rubio plans to part ways with his Spanish club DKV Joventut, even if that means he’s not coming to Minnesota and the NBA.

Rubio’s expensive buyout with his team has been the biggest — perhaps only — obstacle standing between him and wearing a Wolves uniform.

“Parting ways” must mean an agreement on Rubio’s buyout has been reached, right?

I got ahold of David Kahn in Spain by text message this afternoon and asked him if the buyout has been agreed to or is done.

His answer:


I asked for an update on his progress in talking with officials DKV Joventut since he landed in Spain yesterday.

“Nothing to say.”

The AP story quoted Rubio as saying, “”I want to continue with the club but, after everything that’s happened, I don’t think they’re too comfortable having me in their squad. I want to play in a winning team, on a team that can achieve many things.”

This sounds like it’s the first domino to fall in the chain of events that will lead to Rubio wearing a Wolves uniform.

The AP story says Spanish clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona are interested in signing Rubio if he doesn’t arrive in the NBA this fall, but if those teams aren’t already involved in paying for Rubio’s buyout — which at the top end is at least $6.6 million –  it’s unlikely he’s staying in Europe.

Best guess is that Rubio’s agents have lined up commerical endorsements that will pay the re-negotiated price of the buyout — and then some — and pave the way for him to come to Minnesota.

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