Kahn deals again: QRich to Miami for…Mark Blount!?

Posted on August 13th, 2009 – 10:01 PM
By Jerry Zgoda

First, Etan Thomas.

Now, Quentin Richardson.

Soon, Mark Blount.

For the second time this summer, David Kahn dealt away a player before he ever really arrived in Minnesota. This time, the Wolves dealt Richardson — acquired from the L.A. Clippers last month in that 3-for-1 deal that sent Craig Smith, Sebastian Telfair and Mark Madsen westward — late Thursday night to Miami and brought back veteran center Mark Blount (of all people).

This deal, too, is all about cost saving and salary-cap stuff.

Both players have expiring salaries, but the Wolves will save nearly $1.4 million by waiving Blount and his $7.96 million contract rather than dump Richardson’s $9.35 million contract.

By making this deal, it’s clear Kahn never intended having Richardson, who likely would have been a runaway gunner in his contract year, on this season’s team.

Kahn still could deal Blount’s contract in another deal, but it seems like waiving him outright is more likely.

Either way, he’ll be back with the Wolves on paper only — and probably fairly briefly — nearly two years after the Wolves’ old regime miraculously traded Ricky Davis and Blount to the Heat for Antoine Walker and that 2009 first-round pick that Kahn in essence dealt to Denver for a future first-round pick.

ONE MORE THING: Kahn will go to Poland next month for part of the European championship in which Ricky Rubio’s playing for Spain. Kurt Rambis might go for some of it, too.

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