Up next: Signing Ricky Rubio

Posted on August 20th, 2009 – 5:25 PM
By Jerry Zgoda

David Kahn says today he has “nothing to report” but he has turned his focus from hiring his coach to getting Ricky Rubio in a Wolves uniform by October.

The matter has been complicated — beyond even the $8 million buyout figure — by the fact that Rubio has agents in both the U.S. and Europe and his father is involved in negotiations.

Still, that he hasn’t signed with another European team thus far indicates it’s most likely he ends up in the NBA, and the Wolves, this season.

The buyout is everything in this deal, and DKV Joventut’s demands likely look too rich for European teams.

Plus, through all of this it has made the most sense for Rubio to end up in the NBA this season.

That’s why he applied for the NBA draft this summer, didn’t he?

He can make far more money in endorsements as an internationally marketed NBA player than he can playing in Barcelona or Madrid.

And if he delays a year or two and stays in Europe, he’s now six or seven years from that big max contract he and his representatives are eyeing as the payoff for the money the Joventut buyout will cost him out of his pocket.

If Rubio stays in Europe for two years,  Jonny Flynn will be three years away from cashing in with that big second contract and Rubio will still be five years away.

Plus, even the rookie pay scale in the NBA this season will pay him far more than he’ll get paid in Europe.

If this happens — and it has for some time and still does look like the most logical conclusion to me — how will you judge David Kahn’s opening three months on the job?

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