Kahn: “Can’t fathom” not extending Brewer’s contract

Posted on October 1st, 2009 – 3:38 PM
By Jerry Zgoda

Chatted more with David Kahn after this morning’s practice about several decisions he’ll have to make in the coming days, weeks and months and he better illuminated Corey Brewer’s contract situation rather saying it’s a decision they’ll take all of October to make.

Kahn has to extend qualifying offers to Brewer, Kevin Love and Oleksiy Pecherov by Oct. 31 or they’ll become unrestricted free agents next summer.

He, of course, called the Love decision a “no brainer” and said this about Brewer, who will be paid $3.7 million in 2010-11 if the team exercises his option by Halloween:

“I think I need to visit with the coach and I think we need to watch Corey play this year,” he said. “It’d be hard for me to fathom as we speak today that we don’t pick Corey up as well (as Love). But we’ve got all month to think about it.”

He’s meeting with his staff this afternoon to discuss a number of personnel issues, including Nikolai Pekovic, the big, bruising European center they selected with the second round’s first pick in the 2008 draft.

He’ll be available to sign next summer. The question is will Kahn add Pekovic, who plays very close to the basket in Europe, to a frontcourt that already isn’t the most athletic, or will use his rights as a trade piece to acquire other assets.

“We need to look at that carefully,” Kahn said of Pekovic. “Absolutely,  we have to start factoring him in as well.”

Asked if the Wolves could afford another center/power forward type who isn’t the most athletic in the world, he said, “I wouldn’t read too much into that one way or the other. Of course, it’s a factor, but I don’t think we have a real feel for that yet. Remember, with Kurt and the staff all being new, there needs to be some real breathing room now for self discovery. I don’t want us to be rushed or concerned about these types of decisions until we hit April and May. That’s when I expect us to really be able to make some decisions.”

Kahn said he expects he and Rambis will go to Europe when the Wolves season is over to watch Pekovic play in the final weeks of his European season.

ADDITION: The Wolves will televise two preseason games on FSN and radio broadcast three on KFAN.

They’ll put Sunday’s preseason opener against Milwaukee, the Oct. 14 game against Chicago at Target Center and the Oct. 23 game against Toronto at Sioux Falls on the radio and televise that Oct. 14 Chicago game and an Oct. 22 game at Detroit.

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