Streak hits 10 straight, Wolves lose 97-87 to Grizzlies

Posted on November 15th, 2009 – 1:56 AM
By Jerry Zgoda

OK, so the Wolves are three more losses away from tying the franchise’s worst start to a season, 1-13 in the 1994-95 season that led to Kevin Garnett being drafted fifth overall the next summer.

The Wolves, you might remember, were 1-10 at this time two seasons ago, in that first month playing without Kevin Garnett after the Boston trade.

Where have gone Al Jefferson and Kevin Love? Timberwolves Nation turns its lonely to you…

Al is expected back for practice on Monday. KLove will get his broken hand X-rayed again on Friday to see how the healing goes and if he can return to practice (that might be wishful thinking this soon).

It’ll be interesting to see if, or how much, the Wolves’ style of play changes once Love gets back and gets in the groove. As David Kahn mentioned from his letter earlier today, this isn’t the running show he promised and we’ll see how much Love’s rebounding can change things.

It was mentioned on the last thread, but…

Did you see Brandon Jennings didn’t score in the first quarter tonight against Golden State…then scored 55 the rest of the way.

Good thing his last name doesn’t rhyme with Flynn, huh?

Here’s the game story from tonight’s game:

I set my DVR for NBA TV before I left town this morning and won’t get around until tomorrow or Monday to watch that Ricky Rubio Euroleague game from last week.

Anybody see it? Your thoughts? He didn’t have the greatest stats line, but I’m curious to see him just the same. Was Brandon Jennings right? Is RR all hype?

That’s all I got from Memphis tonight.

Let’s hope things get more interesting when Al, and then Love, return.

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