Wilkins in, Hollins out with record streak at stake against Nuggets

Posted on November 29th, 2009 – 8:32 PM
By Jerry Zgoda

Tonight’s lineup shuffling — Damien Wilkins in, Ryan Hollins out — at Denver isn’t necessarily the change or changes Kurt Rambis has said he is contemplating.

Rather, it was made mostly for matchup considerations: Ryan Gomes started on Kenyon Martin. Rambis felt Wilkins’ experience would give him a fighting change against Carmelo Anthony.

Didn’t last long.

Anthony has 13 points already in the first quarter — and Nuggets lead 28-19 with a couple of minutes left — and Rambis soon switched Gomes over to try against Melo.

If the Wolves lose tonight, they tie the franchise record for longest losing streak at 16 games.

This has been a subject on sports-talk radio lately, but I’ll also throw it out here:

Who’s going to win more games this season: Vikings (including playoffs) or Wolves?

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